Mollecular organization studies the functioning of semio-capitalism and develops soft technologies of cooperation, tools for building the impossible communities of abstract work and its performers. Molle is a laboratory of schizoanalysis. We operate in the soft stomach, “il ventre molle“, of arbitrary power. Or more precisely: we are the soft belly of arbitrary power. Mollecular organization is a group of losers, sad figures, dark souls, cynical opportunists and depressed princesses. We are not tough or macho, we are soft and wet, impotent and feeble. We don’t march or demonstrate. We have difficulties in getting up from the bed.  We are molle people, the future of cooperation.


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BRACHA ETTINGER “Yhdessätuotanto”Download “Esipuhe”


AKSELI VIRTANEN (toim.) “Johdanto Bracha Ettingerin yhdessätuotantoon” Download


BRACHA ETTINGER “Fragilization and Resistance” Download


JUDITH BUTLER “Brachan työstä 2009 – On Bracha’s Work 2009: Lecture presented at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, 3rd June 2009”. Available at the exhibition.


Félix Guattari “Kolme ekologiaa”, Tutkijaliitto, Polemos-sarja, 2009